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Coaches & Company Update August 30th

Trev Ward

Posted on August 30 2021

They guys,

I am writing this to address some issues we are having at the business and how we are going to go moving forward as of today. I may have recently seemed grumpy and annoyed, there is a lot going on in my life. But to be honest as you all know I am really mellow but usually it takes me a long time before I'm over things and usually then you will hear it from me - Which has started to happen. 

SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted on our premises. If you want to smoke, go for a walk up the street. Standing out the front really does not give the correct look of what we are trying to portray. 

FRIENDS & FAMILY: When we come to work, it's for work, yes I know it's a fun place, but this is a business. Friends, Wives, Girlfriends, Boyfriends are not welcome to come and hang at work before lessons and whilst you have work on. It's just not on. I am sorry. This is a business where we work. The back office is not for any friends or family to go either. This is just not on. When we are working in there Editing it's not a hang out guys. 

HANG OUT: Yes I know this is a fun place to hang out. But we have to be mindful of what we are doing and where we are. When we are closed to public you can carry on and do what you want. But as soon as we are open to public there is no "hanging out" and "carrying on". Yes I know I get sucked into it, but it looks bad for our customers and can be intimidating for people as well. We want to be welcoming to everyone. But I have a solutions for this. Read under Filming further down. 

COACHING: Guys we must have our coaching tops on or Level Up Tee on. Its key. If you need a new tee hit us up. We also need to make sure we do not ride whilst coaching. Take your board, BMX or Scooter with you, but put it down and control the kids. You show them what to do & and then you line them up and get them to do it, or stand there and catch them if it's too hard. High level coaching you can get on your board, BMX or Scooter. 

PARK RULES: I know everyone has done such an awesome job. I gave Kyle a mouthful tonight and I am very sorry about that Kyle. You are great. We just have to do things a bit better & I know I have to do that as well. 

HELMETS & FOOTWEAR: When anyone is in the skatepark and especially kids under 18 they must have Helmets on. Thats a non negotiable. If you have a spare $20 million in your back pocket to cover if something happens then do what ever you want. When kids play in the foam pit they must have helmets on. Kids also need to have Shoes on. The way around the shoe issue is to make sure the kids wear their shoes to the foam pit. Get them up there and then take their shoes off. The issue with kids running in skatepark with no shoes is that we do have a closed to shoe policy in our insurance. Why am I hung up on Insurance. Our insurance just got increased by 20% and they did an Audit on us 2 weeks ago. If I slip up on anything I am looking to increase 100%. We just have to be way smarter.

NO SLIDING DOWN RAMPS: This just can't happen. As you guys are probably aware the skatepark needs maintenance. I have a guy coming in this week to start on it, but we are behind in a big way especially since Dylan left its just me and I have been super busy. So no sliding down ANY ramps especially the Vert ramp. 

WAIVER - FRONT DESK STAFF: Asking if people have signed the waiver is key. Its a pain but it has to be sorted. All kids who are doing lessons have signed the waiver. 

PARKING - All staff must park on the street. We have to have our car parks available for customers. This is part of our DA for our business. You can park inside when we are not open but as soon as we are open to the public our parks must be for public parking only. 

FILMING: Right now we are trying to create great content. We haven't really got it right and will be scaling this back with what we have been doing. BUT we will be looking for more content. Moving forward we need more Scooter content & BMX content. Its been way too skate centric and that's not what this business is. We need a lead from Jayden & Kyle. You are both so talented. This means that working in with Alaire to develop really good content. Funny, amazing & exciting. We will pay all our staff an hourly rate to film as well. If we ask coaches to come in and film you will be paid an hourly rate for this. Right now we will keep everything in house unless we can get a BIG NAME PRO or SUPER AMAZING RIDER to film something in our park. We will be doing Trick Tips for BMX & Scooter too. We have a few other funny videos but all staff is welcome to have some input. 

The process for this is to put your idea forward and then we will approve and Alaire will book time to film and make it happen. It's not just come in and film, we need good high quality videos moving forward. 

If you have any issues please feel free to hit me up and chat. 

Thanks for everything that you guys all do. Lets start to get some cohesion and make this jump to another level. 

Trev & Sar. 


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