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SURF SK8 FOUNDATIONS/EMERGING & GIRLS: In our Surf Sk8 Foundations/Emerging/Girls program this is an introduction to skateboarding. For the surfer that is still not getting on their rails and doesn’t understand how their body works with their board and environment along with getting back foot reactivity. We will work on

  • Basic skateboarding techniques & foot positioning & stance
  • Develop Ollies
  • Develop basic ramp riding techniques, where to look, stand and how to navigate turning & body awareness.
  • Carving on a skateboard in a bowl Forehand and Backhand.
  • Understanding how to carve on both Forehand and Backhand and turn and control in tighter sections
  • Develop small Ollie airs on ramps and grabs & projection.
  • Work on our foam pit and resi to develop aerial awareness.

SURF SK8 ADVANCED: This is an advanced lesson that helps Surfers learn how to do Airs correctly and develop the understanding of aerial awareness through basic progression and body movement. We learn basic airs right through to learning how to project ourselves off a ramp and where and when to grab our board to land on a ramp in the right position. We further capitalise on our 2 vertical axis rotations and corked flips which help with landing. Learning correct falling techniques as well as backfoot snap/pop on take off. This program has been developed to teach surfers how to develop correct aerial technique, from the pop of their back foot off the wave to understanding board and body projection, how to spin correctly & do backflips and corked flips with their board. Developing a solid technique that will become second nature in the surf. *Note we do not use carver boards and we will not be teaching you how to get to an air section on a wave. This is purely learning how to spin with a board and learn how to project your body.

PREREQUISITES: You will already be confident on a skateboard and have a good understanding of riding ramps.



COACH:   Trevor Ward 

SURF SK8 RAMP: Surf Skating was developed by the Dogtown skaters Tony Alva and others back in the mid 70’s. Skateboarding and Surfing became polar opposites for 40 years but now they have converged and Surfing is now taking Skateboardings progression to the waves. Watch the Brazilians and Hawaiians – Are we keeping up!

Our program will teach you how to ride a skateboard that will translate over to your surfing. Having a more neutral foot position will give you more board control on aerial take off. We will make you become more reactive to your environment by teaching you to develop  better heel and toe balance and being light footed on your board through learning the unique snap/pop off a ramp. We will also be working on carving forehand & Backhand that will help with surfing on your rails more and being more front foot driven dependent. We will teach you how to fall and become more resilient along with starting to dabble in switch stance skateboarding. *NOTE WE DON’T USE CARVER BOARDS. We are trying to develop an understanding of our body movement and environment.






You have chosen 1 quatity of SURF SK8, please provide us with the rider's Name & Age in the box below (for example: "John Doe - 12"), whom the lesson is for.

T&Cs for Lessons

  • We do not refund, change/swap days of lessons
  • If you cannot make a lesson we do not offer another day to make up the lesson, you will have to miss the lesson at your expense.
  • If we cancel any lesson we will do a make lesson
  • We do not accept students who continue to do lessons with other Skate Schools or coaches.



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