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SKATE ALL DAY was developed by former Pro skateboarder Trevor Ward as a learning pathway for Australian skateboarders to become their best.

In 2016 former Pro skateboarder Trevor Ward had exited his skate brands and moved his family to Northern NSW to enjoy a quieter life after touring the world for almost 20 years.After 8 months of contracting and working in and out of the skateboard industry Trevor wanted to develop a program that would help young children to learn to skate correctly but also be a positive mentor and role model for skateboarders all over Australia.Starting with 30 kids in his first week at Murwillumbah and Cabarita, it was the 4 kids from Murwillumbah that have stood out and almost 2 years down the track Trevor can see the effect and change Skateboarding has on Children. Kian, Noah, Mitchell and Connor were at Trevor's first ever skate lesson. They had all never stood on a skateboard before. They were hooked after the first lesson. Almost 2 years on and all 4 have progressed to where they can ride ramps fluently, Kickflip, Heelflip and ollie down large stair sets and over gaps. Their determination, persistence and great character is what got them there and will see these 4 boys as All of life skateboarders. Trevor's dream is to bring skateboarding to every community in the country. Its also his dream to coach the next pro skateboarders Australia is developing to take on the world and help them achieve their goals and dreams just like Trevor. Our approach is to build confidence and persistence in children across Australia. To give children an outlet along with positive male and female role models.

Trevor himself is still skateboarding everyday, all day - SKATE ALL DAY



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